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U.S. House Passes the Build Back Better Act

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IRS Issues Guidance on Meals and Entertainment Deductions

Employee Retention Credit: IRS Issues Guidance as Congress Mulls Early Termination

SBA Streamlines Forgiveness for Smaller PPP Loans

How to Protect Your Company Against Ransomware

Keep Family Matters Out of the Public Eye By Avoiding Probate

A Fresh Look at CRTs, CRATs and CRUTs

The Way Forward: COVID Relief Assistance Update

Leadership Post-COVID: What's Next?

Planning for the 2021 Child Tax Credit – Credit Optimization for Divorced Parents

DOL Final Rule - What to Know About Choosing ESG Funds as QDIAs

Here Come the Child Tax Credit Payments: What You Need to Know

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Holding a Joint Title to Property with a Family Member or Friend

Help Guide Your Family with a Road Map for Your Estate Plan

Members of the Sandwich Generation Find Themselves in a Unique Situation

Sweeney Conrad, PS Begins Leadership Transition

Capitalization of Start-Up Costs and Website Development Costs

Unforeseen Consequences: Tax Treatment of Litigation Proceeds and Expenses

How to Handle the SECURE Act's Part-Time Employee Mandate

Notable Tax Policy Proposals from President Biden's Fiscal Year 2022 Budget and "Green Book"

New Remote Work Arrangements Raise Tax Questions

A Difficult Decision - Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

4 Reasons to Revisit Your Power of Attorney

UPDATED: 3 Tips for Getting Noticed by Recruiters from a Distance

SECURE Act 2.0 Seeks to Boost Retirement Savings

The Biden Administration Proposes Far-Reaching Tax Overhaul: Updates on the American Families Plan

Washington State Capital Gains Tax - What We Know Now

The American Families Plan: A Summary of Proposals

What To Do If Your Spouse Doesn't Designate You as a Beneficiary of His or Her IRA

Corporate Mergers and Spinoffs: How Will Your Retirement Plan Be Effected?

The Women Who Inspire Us: Celebrating Women's History Month

Do you need to file a gift tax return?

Review Your Estate Plan in Light of the New Presidential Administration

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund: Help for Restaurants and Bars

Is Your Business Taking Full Advantage of the Employee Retention Credit?

The American Rescue Plan Act: Some Things To Know

The IRS Extends the Tax Deadline to May 17

Start Preparing Now for SAS 136

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Fact Sheet: Does Washington State Long Term Care have you covered?

Washington State Capital Gains Tax: 5 Things We Know Right Now

Alert: IRS Issues Notice on 2019 Federal Tax Return - Notices Sent In Error

Potential Recovery Assistance Work Opportunity Tax Credit—Timing Is Everything

Giving Back: Our One Good Deed Referral Program Moves Into Year Five

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PPP Forgiveness and Other Emergency Grants are Exempt from Washington B&O Tax

Audit Management Letters: Pay Close Attention to These Findings

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Interview: Sweeney Conrad’s Dave Miniken Steps Into His Role as Board Chair of the Bellevue Downtown Association

Changes to 2020 Employee Retention Credit Benefits Under the New Stimulus Bill

Alert: Congress Passes Tax Relief and Stimulus Package

The Pandemic and Your Retirement Plan: Re-examine Plan Design in Light of COVID-19

2021 ERISA Compliance and Reporting Deadlines

Third Round of Small Business Grants Announced

Potential Tax Changes Under a New Administration

Will Telecommuting Employees Create Nexus?

COVID-19 and Partial Plan Terminations: What You Should Know Now

New Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program Deductions

Nonemployee Compensation: Prepare for Changes in Several 1099 Forms

Potential Asset Impairments Relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sweeney Conrad Announces 2020 Promotions

Fiduciary Focus: Target Date Funds

Record Retention: What to Hold, When to Fold

Trump vs. Biden: Proposed 2020 Tax Policies

Why and When to Outsource Accounting

Internal Controls: What are Your Responsibilities as a Plan Sponsor?

Bea Nahon Honored with WSCPA CEO Award

COVID-19 Recovery: How the Employee Retention Credit Could Improve Cash Flow

Interview: LifeWire's Mission to Put a Stop to Domestic Violence

Corporate Mergers and Spinoffs: How Your Retirement May Be Affected

Correcting Plan Errors: SCP vs. VCP

Retroactive Tax Relief for COVID-19 Losses

More Investors Qualify For Relief Under CARES Act Expansion

Accounting for Paycheck Protection Program Loans and Forgiveness

Interview: Food Lifeline's Mission to End Hunger Amidst COVID-19

How to Build and Run an Effective Governance Committee

Employee Benefit Plan Audits- Do You Need One... and How Can You Prepare?

Accounting for Lease Concessions Amidst COVID-19

The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act: What You Need to Know

Bellevue LifeSpring is Helping Families in Need During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How You Can Help

3 Tips For Getting Noticed By Recruiters From a Distance

Economic Uncertainty Safe Harbor Announced For PPP Loans Under $2 Million

Plan Sponsors: Answers to Your 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About How COVID-19 is Affecting Retirement Plans

COVID-19 and Retirement Plans: How the CARES Act Affects Your Retirement Plan

What's Your Fiduciary Duty During the COVID-19 Crisis?

The Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act

The SBA Provides Additional Guidance on the Paycheck Protection Program

IRS Extends More Tax Deadlines to Include Individuals, Trusts, Estates, Corporations, and Others

Answers to 14 of the Most Commonly Asked Filing and Payment Deadline Questions

Beware of Stimulus Payment Scams

King County Postpones Payment Deadline for Individual Property Taxpayers to June 1

Highlights from the Stimulus Package – CARES Act

Families First Coronavirus Response Act- What Employers Need to Know

Washington Department of Revenue Announces Relief Measures for B&O Tax in Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Key Changes to Creating and Maintaining Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Brought About by the SECURE Act

Giving Back: Our One Good Deed Referral Program

Final Hardship Distributions Issued

Checklist: Preparing Your 2019 Documents for Tax Season

What You Need to Know: New Law Creates Workforce Education Investment Surcharge

Sweeney Conrad Celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2020

The SECURE Act: 10 Things to Know About How it Affects Your Retirement

How to Avoid Operational Errors Associated with Eligible Compensation

2019 Year-end Year-round Tax Planning Guide

Investment Properties Offer Owners an Incredible Number of Tax Saving Opportunities

Melanie Abigania Named Shareholder at Sweeney Conrad

Breaking News: FASB Announces Delays for 3 Major Standards

Sweeney Conrad Announces 2019 Fall Promotions

Best Practices: 6 Ways to Enhance the Budgeting Process

4 Reasons Outsourced Accounting May Be Just the Business Solution You've Been Looking For

Multiple Employer Plans: New Rules Could Boost Adoption of MEPs

Checklist: Meals and Entertainment Tax Deduction in 2019

Deadline Approaching for Annual B&O Tax Apportionment Reconciliation

Employee Benefits Trends: Why Now is a Good Time to Re-evaluate Plan Design

Four Tips for Excellent Exit Planning

Meeting Fiduciary Duties: How to Choose a High Quality Provider

Sweeney Conrad Recognized with Four Workplace Awards this Summer

Six Books Local Business Leaders Recommend You Read This Summer

Washington Real Estate Excise Tax Increase

Guest Post: The Complexities of Wealth: Navigating the Intersection of Money and Life with John Christianson

Investing in Eastside Youth through Youth Eastside Services

Meet the Interns

Bold for the Blue

New Transportation Fringe Rules for Employers

Sweeney Conrad Honored for Excellence in Client Service

Washington’s New Paid Family and Medical Leave Program: The Quick Breakdown, Part 1

Washington’s New Paid Family and Medical Leave Program: Common Questions, Part 2

Checklist: Preparing Your Documents for Tax Season

Officials Announce Government Shutdown will not affect tax returns

2018 Business Return | Tax Cuts Jobs Act | Bellevue CPA Firm

Five Ways the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act May Affect your 2018 Individual Return

2018 Staff Promotions

An Evening of Love in action: Seattle Union Gospel Mission Catalyst Gala

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Cheers to Deductions: The IRS Releases Clarification on Entertainment/Meals Deduction

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Meet Jeff Piha

Guest Blog Post: US Equity Markets - Strong Fundamentals vs. The Wall of Worry

Breaking News: Tax Reform 2.0

How healthy is your business? The importance of Ratios and Benchmarking.

To Keep or Shred: How Long Should You Hold on to Your Documents?

You're Hired! What Sweeney Conrad Looks for In a Candidate.

Qualified Opportunity Funds: New Opportunities for Deferring Gains

Fake President Fraud - Beware of this E-mail Scam

Summer Summit 2018 Recap

Sweeney Conrad Recognized with three best workplace awards

WSCPA Names Sweeney Conrad's Brittany Malidore Their 2018 Rising Star!

Sales Tax Changes: What the Overturn of the Quill Decision Means to Your Business

Getting Frenzied: It’s Food Frenzy 2018!

5 Tips for Finding a Quality Auditor

Out-of-state Businesses Beware: Washington B&O

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2017 Tax Reform: Estate Tax Rate Changes

Tax Reform 2017: Individual Tax Rate Changes

What To Do After Recruiting Season: Tips and Tricks from Someone Who Has Been There

LifeWire: Making a Difference this Holiday Season (and Every Day) in the Lives of Those Who Experience Domestic Violence

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Three Options for Hiring Professional Investment Help

Operational Compliance Who’s In Control of the Controls?

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