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The Ties That Unbind- The Birth of the Tie-Cutting Tradition

Posted by Emily Taibl on Dec 20, 2016 4:47:13 PM

drew-verticalby Emily Taibl 

There are a number of rites of passage that mark the graduation from “newbie” to “professional.”   The tradition of cutting someone’s tie or scarf is said to have originated when military pilots completed their first mission.  On training flights, the instructor would sit behind the trainee, and yank on their scarf as deemed necessary to get the trainee’s attention, or scold them for making a mistake.  Ties (or scarves in this case) were typically cut after a pilot’s first solo flight- signifying that the instructor no longer possessed power over the pilot.    Fast forward to present day and you may find this fun tradition happening with anyone from car salesman getting their first sale to realtors closing a big deal.

In early November, Sweeney Conrad began our own tie-cutting tradition when Andrew Whitman passed the CPA exam!  Congratulations to Drew, and good luck finding a new tie!

In addition, Sweeney Conrad (very proudly) announces that Joe Botkins, Michael Holmes, Manami Mishina and Michelle Peters all passed their CPA Exam this week!  We look forward to cutting your ties in January!

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