Supporting Our Community: How, Why, and Where We Get Involved

By Emily Taibl | Oct 25, 2016

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Community Service - Seattle CPA Firm By Emily Taibl

A large part of what drives the culture at Sweeney Conrad is our passion for community involvement. For the past 36 years, we've been committed to doing what we can to enrich the area where we live, work, and play. It’s part of our commitment to “people first”—our employees, our clients, and our community are the foundation of our firm and everything we do.

When determining which organizations to become involved with, we consider three key factors:

  1. Local roots. Founded in Bellevue in 1980, we remain locally owned and devoted to the people around us. We’re proud of our heritage in the Puget Sound area, and have been recognized for our long-term impact on the Eastside economy with the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce’s Eastside Economic Leadership Award.
  2. Priorities. Our team is passionate about serving organizations whose missions center on five key areas:
    1. Basic human needs: Food and shelter are a vital part of a vibrant community, so we support organizations that provide these necessities to needy families.
    2. Poverty & entrepreneurship: We support organizations that offer programs to lift people out of poverty—such as business training, budgeting, and financial planning.
    3. Women in business: We support organizations that provide opportunities for women to enrich their lives through careers in accounting and finance.
    4. Secondary & higher education: We believe education is paramount in ensuring a stable, sustainable, and qualified workforce, so we support programs focused on continued learning.
    5. Public safety & law enforcement: We support public safety and law enforcement to ensure our community is a safe place to work and live.
  3. Volunteer opportunities. We understand that people give in different ways. So we seek organizations where we can help in a variety of ways—from volunteering time to fundraising to event planning.

In the spirit of contributing to the community where we live and work, Sweeney Conrad associates are encouraged to individually volunteer for local organizations. Our shareholders and managers proudly serve in a variety of board capacities, including: