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SC People First: Meet Kyle Lynch

Posted by Sweeney Conrad on Oct 16, 2018 9:40:08 PM


Bellevue Accounting CareersMeet Tax Manager Kyle Lynch! Kyle started his career in 2012 and came to Sweeney Conrad in January of 2017- so this is his second busy season with the firm. Kyle describes himself as ambitious and says that he appreciates that same quality in his co-workers. What he loves about working at Sweeney Conrad is “the ability to work with a group of seasoned professionals who work hard in servicing some of the most multifaceted and complex clients in the Northwest.” 

When not plugging away during busy season, Kyle loves to get outside and explore. “Whether it’s finding a new hike or trail, playing golf, or riding my bike, I am the happiest when I find time to do these activities,” he says. That, and drink coffee. “Coffee is my guilty pleasure,” he confesses, “I drink far too much by most objective standards and own about every coffee gadget there is.”

His advice for surviving busy season? “In my experience, when spending most of my time in the office in February-April, I am able to save a little extra money. So my recommendation is to splurge on yourself a little bit and plan something you have always wanted to do after the busy season is over.”

Contact Kyle at or 425.629.1990.

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