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Beware of Stimulus Payment Scams

Posted by Sweeney Conrad on Mar 31, 2020 6:03:19 PM

ScammerThe recently released CARES Act stimulus package will be providing relief for individuals and small businesses, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, individuals and businesses should be aware of an increased number of scams targeting them related to the package.

Things to note:

You will not be contacted by government agencies regarding the stimulus package.

The IRS, Washington Department of Revenue, nor any other agencies will be contacting you regarding the stimulus package to request information from you. If you receive calls, texts, or e-mails asking for your information, it is not legitimate.

You will not be asked to confirm your bank information.

If you receive any inquiry asking you to confirm bank information to receive a benefit of the CARES Act, do not respond. 

If you get a suspicious e-mail or text requesting ANY information, report it (learn how to report here).

Do not open attachments or click on any unknown links.

If you have questions on the legitimacy of any communication from the Washington Department of Revenue or IRS, we can help you decipher authenticity. You can also learn more details on the federal stimulus payments on the IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief webpage.

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