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Jessica Simons, CPA

Jessica Simons, CPA
Jessica specializes in tax compliance, consulting and tax planning. She enjoys working with high net worth individuals, trusts and estates, partnerships and corporations in a variety of industries including professional services, real estate and manufacturing. She is developing a specialty in estates and trusts.

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Is Recording My Will Signing on Video a Good Idea?

Posted by Jessica Simons, CPA on Aug 30, 2021 5:08:27 PM

Some people make video recordings of their will signings in an effort to create evidence that they possess the requisite testamentary capacity. For some, this strategy may help stave off a will contest. But in most cases, the risk that the recording will provide ammunition to someone who wishes to challenge the will outweighs the potential benefits.

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Keep Family Matters Out of the Public Eye By Avoiding Probate

Posted by Jessica Simons, CPA on Jul 29, 2021 1:20:28 PM

Although probate can be time consuming and expensive, one of its biggest downsides is that it’s public — anyone who’s interested can find out what assets you owned and how they’re being distributed after your death. The public nature of probate may also draw unwanted attention from disgruntled family members who may challenge the disposition of your assets, as well as from other unscrupulous parties.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Holding a Joint Title to Property with a Family Member or Friend

Posted by Jessica Simons, CPA on Jun 29, 2021 3:16:21 PM

Owning assets jointly with one or more of your children or other heirs is a common estate planning “shortcut.” But like many shortcuts, it may produce unintended — and costly — consequences.

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Members of the Sandwich Generation Find Themselves in a Unique Situation

Posted by Jessica Simons, CPA on Jun 29, 2021 2:49:40 PM

The “sandwich generation” is a large segment of the population. These are people who find themselves caring for both their children and their parents at the same time. As a result, estate planning — which traditionally focuses on providing for one’s children — has expanded in many cases to include one’s aging parents as well.

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