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New IRS Guidance - Tax Treatment of Research Expenses

Posted by Jeff Piha, CPA on Nov 18, 2021 7:34:29 PM

For many businesses, research and development (R&D) costs are a major expense—and a source of potentially significant tax questions. Two recent developments have complicated these questions. One is a new IRS memo announcing more stringent reporting requirements for some taxpayers claiming a widely-used tax credit; the other is a potential change in the deductibility of research expenses.

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The American Rescue Plan Act: Some Things To Know

Posted by Jeff Piha, CPA on Mar 24, 2021 4:38:56 PM

The recently passed American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) includes 600 pages of new legislation- a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. The Act contains retroactive and prospective tax breaks including exclusions from income, new tax-free grant programs, and credits.

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